Dr Nick Capstick OBE

Dr Nick Capstick OBE

Chair of the School Food Review Working Group
School Food Review Working Group Coalition

Too many children are missing out on good quality, nutritious school food. Now is the time for reform, to realise the full potential of the school food system.

The School Food Review Working Group is a coalition that includes representatives of catering staff, school leaders, local authorities, experts, campaigners, and, of course, school children. The group has identified five ‘pillars’ of the school food system: areas which need reform and solutions to do so.

This session will include an overview of the pillars and work so far, as well as next steps for the group


Dr Nick Capstick OBE is CEO of White Horse Federation, a trust with 32 schools focusing on areas of high disadvantage. He's also a trustee of UK Youth and Treasurer of the Queen's Street Group. Nick is passionate about food and nutrition as part of a wider vision for social mobility and is Chair of the School Food Review Working Group.