Rich Osborn

Rich Osborn

CEO, Equilibrium Markets
What is the Buying Better Food & Drink framework?

What is the Buying Better Food & Drink framework? How does it support school food caterers? And, why is understanding farm soil health so important for a resilient, high-quality and affordable food supply in the 2020s?

Dynamic Food Procurement has been called for by national inquiries, the national food strategy, and most recently in the Independent Quince Review of 2024. Entegra, a Sodexo company, will launch the Buying Better Food framework to school caterers in November 2024. Rich will share how Entegra’s use of AgileChain technology can underpin a more reliable food supply for school caterers into the late 2020s.



Rich Osborn is CEO of Equilibrium Markets (EM). Since November 2013, the company’s AgileChain™ technology has enabled SME-producer inclusive procurement via short, transparent food supply chains. Formerly a Commercial Director at Procter & Gamble, Rich is now a BBC Food & Farming Awards finalist, a DEFRA sustainable food procurement taskforce member, a founder-member of the National Advisory Board for Dynamic Food Procurement, and a Non-Executive Director for Farm Wilder CIC. AgileChain underpins Entegra’s management of The Buying Better Food Agreement.